Thursday, 22 March 2012

Critical Analysis of Human Resource Planning in British Airways

Company Background: 

British Airways is one of the largest UK based international airlines. British Airways connects to the around 300 destinations and according to the data of 2010, it carried around 32 million passengers. British Airways has around 238 aircrafts in services and according to the annual report of 2010; its revenue is around GBP 8 billion. It’s headquarter is in Waterside near London Heathrow Airport. It is the largest airline of the UK based on fleet size. It was established in 1971.Company slogan is “upgrade to British Airways”. It was privatize in 1987. Its mission is to be the best and most successful company in the Airline industry.

HR Strategies of British Airways: 

British Airways has very positive attitude towards its work force and company has no frills approach to its business and its customers. British Airways strongly believes that its human resources are contributing to the company’s survival and success in every critical and difficult situation and circumstances. The main objective of its HR department is to create motivated and committed staff/employees so that they can contribute their best in the success of the organization. British Airways has also designed different HR measures to improve ,support and enhance the skills of the employees .In order to make employees feel more involved in the company’s result, British Airways has also established special remuneration scheme as well as company also share profits with its employees in order to encourage shared ownership. Company also believes that this is the best and effective way to make employees more motivated and to enhance the productivity of the company .It is also the main HR strategy of British Airways to continue spend and invest on the training and development of the employees because company believes that it is the best way to ensure that company’s human resources will be able to enable business objectives and achievements as well as will be able to feel valued in the company. Company’s recruitment strategy includes the diversity and strategy of inclusiveness .

Strategies and Objectives of British Airways
            According to the annual report 2010 of British Airways, company has five main objectives to achieve. Company believes that these objectives help company to achieve world’s leading position and by achieving these objectives can become the world’s leading global premium airline. These objectives have been discussed below.

  • One of the main objectives of British Airways is to build leading position in London. 
  • Retain the existing customers and attract new customers to build its strong market position by providing excellent, high quality services. 
  • Be the airline of choice for long term oriented customers. 
  • Expand business globally and grow company’s presence all around the world. 
  • Introduce new revenue streams to build the customers base and meets the needs and requirements of the customers. 
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